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The Columbo ScrapBook

The Columbo Scrapbook holds our growing collections of Columbo facts and images, each section grouped by theme, with a particular emphasis on the Columbo character himself. The Scrapbook is largely visual, but the core of it is our observations of favorite or recurrent ideas in "Columbo,"presented with funny or illustrative pictures -- plus a few entertaining odds and ends.

Columbo Rarities
Columbo's Family Album
Columbo Meets Sinatra
Columbo T.V. Guides
Columbo's ID Badge
Columbo At Play
Columbo At Work
Columbo Work Habits and Philosophy
Columbo's Raincoat
Columbo Quotes
Columbo Video Clips
Clocks & Watches
Columbo's Stop-Watch
The Smashed Watch Trick
Bad Hair Day
The Car Topless
"It Could Use A Coat Of Paint": Columbo's Car Crashes and Car Problems
Inside Columbo's Car
Columbo's Hidden Talents
Columbo: Out Of Uniform
Columbo: Out Of Uniform - Hats
Columbo: Out Of Uniform - Tuxedo
Columbo In Jeopardy: Killers Who Tried To Kill Columbo
Columbo 30th Anniversary
Columbo Cases Where!!!
How Were They Murdered?
Columbo "Future Stars"
Columbo and the Worlds Strongest Man
Ed McBain's Columbo
Columbo at Universal Studios
Columbo Emmies
Columbo's Cases If They Went To Trial
Columbo Encyclopedia
Columbo Signed Pictures
Columbo in Japan
Columbo Goofs
Columbo Goofs Part 2
Our Day At "The View"
Who is Michael Lally?
An Interview with Mike Lally
Columbo's Favorite Columbos
Columbo's Chili Habit
Columbo Cuisine: Other Favorite Foods
Mrs Columbo Revealed!
Junior Columbo
Columbo Music
Columbo Flashback
Original Columbo Titles
Columbo's Kisses
Columbo's Bosses
An Open Letter of Thanks
Columbo Sounds
Columbo in Italy
A Fan Remembers
Favorite Columbo Scenes
Columbo Chronology: A Biography of Columbo
Death of a Peugeot: The Tragic Fate of a "Columbo Car"
Guest Star Trivia Guest Star Trivia2
Unpublished Columbo's
Obituary of Columbo Characters
Counselors and Killers: Lawyers in "Columbo
Columbo Parodies and Comedies
Columbo Art
Columbo's First Name and The Supreme Court: The "Philip Columbo" Story
Columbo Publicity Photos
"What Did You Pay For Those Shoes?"
Columbo's Car at Universal Studios
Columbo Lookalikes
Cigars, Smoking, and Columbo
Columbo and Killers and Clues in the Smoke
Columbos' Flaws, Fears and Phobias
Enough Rope" -  The Very First "Columbo"
Columbo Goofs Part 3

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