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Original Columbo Title

Not all Columbo episode titles were the original name used. Below is a list of the episodes that started life with another name and was changed for one reason or another.

Now You See Him - Originally titled "Quicker Than the Eye"
First draft dated January 29, 1975.

Short Fuse - Originally titled "Formula for Murder"

A Stitch In Crime - Originally titled "The Specialist"

Requiem For A Falling Star - Originally titled "Murder by Starlight".

A Matter Of Honor - Originally titled "A Matter of Bravery"

How To Dial A Murder - Originally titled "The Laurel and Hardy WC Fields Citizen Kane Murder Case" and we have also uncovered another title "Snips And Snails And Murderer's Tails" sent to us by Nathan Sikes

Lovely But Lethal - Originally titled "Beauty Is As Beauty Dies"

Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous To Your Health Orginally titled "Smokescreen."  - sent to us by Rex Butcher in Los Angeles

An Old Fashioned Murder was originally "In Deadly Hate,"

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