Season One
7 episodes
September 15th 1971 to February 9th 1972

Information from: The Columbo Phile by Mark Dawidziak

"Murder by the Book" (1971)
Season: 1, Episode - 1
Director: Steven Spielberg
Written by: Steven Bochco
Produced by: Richard Levinson and William Link
Originally aired: September 15, 1971
Run Time: 79 (mins)
Peter Falk		as LT. Columbo

Jack Cassidy		as Ken Franklin, writer
Martin Milner		as James Ferris, writer
Rosemary Forsyth	as Joanna Ferris
Barbara Colby		as Lilly La Sanka
Lynnette Mettey		as Gloria Jr.
Bernie Kuby		as Mike Tacker
Hoke Howell		as Sergeant
Marcia Wallace		as Woman
Haven Earle Haley	as Second Reporter

Plot: America loves the Mrs. Melville mystery novels penned by the bestselling team of Franklin and Ferris. What America doesn’t know is that James Ferris does all the writing while gregarious Ken Franklin does all the talking ( as in talk shows, personal appearances, books signings ). They have both become rich, but Jim wants to try serious writing on his own. The decision enrages the untalented Ken, who depends on Mrs. Melville to maintain his high style of living. Rather than risk exposure and poverty, Ken resolves to kill his partner and collect on the insurance policy they have on each other.
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"Death Lends a Hand" (1971)
Season: 1, Episode - 2
Director: Bernard Kowalski
Written by: Richard Levinson, William Link
Produced by: Richard Levinson and William Link
Originally aired: October 6, 1971
Run Time: 90 (mins)
Peter Falk		as LT. Columbo
Robert Culp		as Investigator Brimmer		
Ray Milland		as Authur Kennicut
Patricia Crowley	as Mrs. Lenore Kennicut
Brett Halsey		as Ken Archer
Eric James		as Denning
Don Keefer		as Medical Examiner
Len Wayland		as Captain of Detectives
Lieux Dressler 		as Ceil Gentry
Barbara Baldavin	as Brimmer's Secretary

Plot: Communications czar Arthur Kennicut has hired high priced private investigator Brimmer to determine if his wife is having an affair. She has been, but Brimmer falsifies the report. He tells Kennicut that his wife has a clean bill of health. Brimmer lets Mrs. Kennicut hear the whole confrontation on an intercom. In exchange for his continued protection, the investigator wants her to be "a good listener". In other words, he hopes to balck mail her into being a pipeline of information about her politically powerful husband. He suggests she think it over.
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"Dead Weight" (1971)
Season: 1, Episode - 3
Director: Jack Smight
Written by: John T. Dugan
Produced by: Everett Chambers
Originally aired: October 27, 1971
Run Time: 90 (mins)
Peter Falk		as LT. Columbo
Eddie Albert		as Major General Martin Hollister
Suzanne Pleshette	as Helen Stewart
Kate Reid		as Mrs. Walters
John Kerr		as Colonel Rodger Dutton
Val Avery		as Harry Barnes
Timothy Carey		as Bert
Clete Roberts		as TV Newsman
Ron Castro		as Officer Sanchez
Glen Vernon		as First Officer
Jimmy Pelham		as Second Officer
Jim Halferty		as First Marine Cadet

Plot: While sailing off a marina with her ever-critical mother, insecure Helen Stewart believes that she has seen a man in a bathrobe shoot a man in a uniform. The police are skeptical because the window and the house Helen points out belongs to retired marine general Martin Hollister, a beloved war hero.

"Suitable for Framing" (1971)
Season: 1, Episode - 4
Director: Hy Averback
Written by: Jackson Gillis
Produced by: Richard Levinson and William Link
Originally aired: November 17, 1971
Run Time: 76 (mins)
Peter Falk		as LT. Columbo
Ross Martin		as Dale Kingston
Don Ameche		as Frank Simpson
Kim Hunter		as Edna Matthews
Rosanna Huffman		as Tracy O'Connor
Vic Tayback		as Sam Franklin
Joan Shawlee		as Mitilda
Barney Phillips		as Captain Tyler
Mary Wickes		as Landlady
Sanadra Gould		as Matron
Curt Conway		as Evans
Claude Johnson		as Policeman
Dennis Rucker		as Parking Boy ( Joe )

Plot: Multimillionaire and greedy art collector Randy Matthew’s has decided to alter his will. His nephew, powerful art critic Dale Kinston, will not receive the vast Matthew’s collection of priceless paintings. Before the changes can become common knowledge, Dale shoots his uncle and makes it look like the work of art thieves who broke into the Matthew’s mansion.
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"Lady in Waiting" (1971)
Season: 1, Episode - 5
Director: Norman Lloyd
Written by: Steven Bochco, Barney Slater (from a story by Barney Slater and Ted Leighton)
Produced by: Everett Chambers
Originally aired: December 15, 1971
Run Time: (mins)
Peter Falk		as LT. Columbo
Susan Clark		as Beth Chadwick
Richard Anderson	as Bryce Chadwick
Leslie Nielsen		as Peter Hamilton
Jessie Royce Landis	as Mrs. Chadwick
Joel Fluellen		as Charles
Richard Bull		as Second Detective
Garry Walberg		as First Detective
Barbara Rhoades		as Hostess
Jon Lormer		as Hearing Officer
Frank Baxter		as Fred
Susan Barrister		as Waitress

Plot: Family corporation chairman Bryce Chadwick has forbidden his mousy younger sister, Beth, to marry dynamic and ambitious company lawyer Peter Hamilton. Bryce believes that Peter is nothing but a fortune hunter. There’s nothing in Peter’s background or character to justify this accusation. In fact, Bryce agrees that the cooperation attorney is honest and dedicated. Bryce just can’t accept the notion that someone might be interested in Beth for reasons aside from her money. Since Beth refuses to cut the affair off, he has taken matters in to his own hands. Bryce has sent a letter to peter. It contains an ultimatum: leave Beth alone or submit your resignation. Bryce is certain that his strategy will force Peter to reveal his true colours. The letter is the last straw for Beth, who was dominated by her father and now similary kept under thumb by her brother.

"Short Fuse" (1972)
Season: 1, Episode - 6
Director: Edward M Abroms
Written by: Tine Pine, Jackson Gillis (from a story by Lester and Tina Pine and Jackson Gillis)
Produced by: Edward M. Abroms
Originally aired: January 19, 1972
Run Time: 90 (mins)
Peter Falk		as LT. Columbo
Roddy McDowall		as Rodger Stanford
Ida Lupino		as Doris Buckner		 
James Gregory		as David Buckner
William Windom		as Everett Logan
Anne Francis		as Betty Bishop
Steve Gravers		as Sergeant
Lawrence Cook		as Murphy
Rosalind Miles		as Nancy

Plot: Boyish but brilliant research scientist Roger Stanford is upset by developments at the Stanford Chemical plant, a business started by his late father. His uncle, corporation head David "D.L." Buckner, wants to force Roger out and sell the company. To ensure Roger’s cooperation, D.L. has had his nephew investigated. Spying has uncovered some embarrassing strain on the irresponsible Rogers record: gambling, drugs, car theft. It would be a shame if D.L.’s wife Roger’s doting aunt Doris, would see the report. Doris, like Roger and company attorney Everett Logan, opposes the selling of Stanford Chemicals. D.L. will suppress his findings if Roger uses his influence to change his aunt’s mind. Rather than submit to blackmail, Roger uses his scientific genius to plot his uncle’s murder.

"Blueprint for Murder" (1972)
Season: 1, Episode - 7
Director: Peter Falk
Written by: Steven Bochco (from a story by William Kelley and Ted Leighton)
Produced by: Richard Levinson and William Link
Originally aired: Februrary 9, 1972
Run Time: 90 (mins)
Peter Falk		as LT. Columbo
Patrick O'Neal		as Elliot Markham
Forrest Tucker		as Beau Williamson
Janis Paige		as Goldie Williamson
Pamela Austin		as Jennifer Williamson
Bettye Ackerman		as Miss Sherman
John Fielder		as Dr. Moss
John Finnegan		as Carl
Nick Dennis		as Guard
Robert Gibbons		as Clerk
Cliff Carnell		as Officer Wilson
Jimmy Joyce		as Workman
Plot: Flamboyant Texas tycoon Beau Williamson returns from a long trip abroad to learn that brilliant architect Elliot Markham has persuaded his wife, young Jennifer Williams, to fund a revolutionary multi-million-dollar office complex: Williamson City. Beau is not touched ( except in his wallet ) by the honor. He knows a hustler when he sees one. A charming sophisticated, Elliot is using the naive Jennifer to get at Beau’s money. In rage, Beau storms into Elliot’s office and smashes the scale model of Williamson City. He then drives out of the construction site and confronts the architect. The devious architect sees a way out. Elliot goes out to Beau’s horse farm and hides in the industrialists car. When Beau gets into the car, thinking he is alone, Elliot forces him at gun point into a nearby stable. A shot is heard.