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Unlike most Columbo cases "Death Lends a Hand" centers on murder that is not
premeditated and carefully planned. The killing is an accident. Still, Brimmer
lacks the monumental vanity of Jack Cassidy’s Ken Franklin, yet there is a
controlled fury about this character that makes his somewhat more threatening.
There is a nice moment, Levinson said, when "Culp is eating in his office,
and Peter leans over the table and gets his tie in the food. Culp just picked
it up and mopped it off. That’s not in the script. It just happened on the set."

Gracing the episode with his presence is Oscar-Winning actor Ray Milland
( The lost Weekend ), a veteran of such suspense films as The Ministry of Fear
and Circle of Danger, The Thief and Hitchcock’s Dial M for Murder, Cast as an
iron-willed publisher, he is nonetheless lets great love and sorrow show through
Arthur Kennicut’s stern exterior. Levinson , Link and Falk had argued about Columbo
being introduced as a police officer with an expired driver’s license. Falk thought
this was taking Columbo’s sloppy nature too far. Ironically, the scene Falk agreed
to shoot was cut out because of time considerations. But a scene left in the final
cut shows Columbo on line at the motor vehicle bureau.

Originally Aired: October 6th, 1971
Produced By:                     Bernard Kowalski
Associate Producer: Robert F, O'Neil
Story Editor: Steve Bochco
Music Score: Gil Melle
Sunday Mystery Movie Theme: Henry Mancini
Director of Photography: Russell L. Metty, A.S.C
Art Director: Arch Bacon
Film Editor: Edward M. Abroms
Set Decorations: Richard Friedman
Assistant Director: Jack Barry
Sound: David H. Moriarty
Unit Manager: Henery Kline
Editorial Supervisor: Richard Belding
Main Title Design: Wayne Fitzgerald

Title and special effects by Universal Title

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