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Jim is working on the latest Mrs. Melville novel at their Los Angeles Office.
It's a Saturday and the building is deserted. Ken shows up with a bottle of champagne to apologies for opposing Jim's wishes. As a peace offering, Ken offers to take his partner to his San Diego cabin. Jim tries to get out of it, saying he made dinner plans with his wife, Joanna. But ken is manipulative as he is charming. Call Joanna and say you are working late at the office, Ken advices, feeling guilty for breaking up the team, Jim agrees.

Originally Aired: September 15th, 1971
Produced By:                     Richard Levinson and William Link
Associate Producer: Robert F, O'Neil
Story Editor: Steve Bochco
Music Score: Billy Goldenberg
Sunday Mystery Movie Theme: Henry Mancini
Director of Photography: Russell L. Metty, A.S.C
Art Director: Arch Bacon
Film Editor: John Kaufman, Jr.
Set Decorations: Richard Friedman
Assistant Director: Ralph Ferrin
Sound: David H. Moriarty
Unit Manager: Henery Kline
Editorial Supervisor: Richard Belding
Main Title Design: Attila De Lado

Title and special effects by Universal Title

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