Season Six 3 Episodes October 10 1976 to May 22 1977,
Information from: The Columbo Phile by Mark Dawidziak

"Fade in to Murder" (1976)
Season: 6, Episode - 1
Director:Bernard L. Kowalski
Written by:Lou Shaw, Peter Fiebleman
Produced by:Everett Chambers
Originally aired:October 10,1976
Run Time:(mins)
Peter Falk		as LT. Columbo

William Shatner as Ward Fowler Lola Albright as Claire Daley Alan Manson as Sid Daley Bert Remsen as Mark Davis Walter Koenig as Sergeant Johnston Danny Dayton as Director Timothy Carey as Tony J.P. Finnegan as Assistant Director Victor Izat as Conroy Shera Danese as Molly Jimmy Joyce as Camera Operator Frank Baxter as Walter Gray Fred Draper as Joseph

Ward Fowler, who plays debonair television detective Lieutenant Lucerne, has a reputation for being a difficult actor. His series is a hit, however, so the network and studio executives again and again capitulate to his demands. Although separated, husband and wife team Sid and Claire Daley continue to produce the Inspector Lucerne program. Claire continually advises everyone else to go along with their stars demands. Not even Sid knows that Claire is blackmailing Ward. Claire discovers Ward in Canada. She knows he deserted from the United States Army during the Korean War. If that information got out ,it would ruin Wards career. When Claire takes a phone call in Wards trailer, the actor overhears her saying she’ll be getting a sandwich at Tony’s Deli. Ward gets to Tony’s Deli just after Claire disguising himself with a ski mask and bulky parka he pretends to be a hold up man.


Columbo - "Old Fashioned Murder" (1976)

"Old Fashioned Murder" (1976)
Season: 6, Episode - 2
Director:Robert Douglas (II)
Written by:Peter S. Fischer, Peter Fiebleman
Produced by:Everett Chambers
Originally aired:November 28,1976
Run Time:(mins)
Peter Falk		as LT. Columbo

Joyce Van Patten	as Ruth Lytton  
Celeste Holm		as Phyllis Brandt
Jeannie Berlin		as Janie Brandt
Peter S. Feibleman 	as Milton Schaffer
Tim O'Connor  		as Edward Lytton
Jess Osuna		as Dr. Tim Schaeffer
Jon Miller		as Sergeant Miller
Anthony Holland		as Darryl
Lucy Saroyan		as Elise
Gary Krawford		as Watch Salesman
Eloise Hardt		as Maid
Morris Buchanan		as Second Detective
Giles Douglas		as Photographer 


Ruth Lytton is the curator of the Lytton Museum, a family-owned collection of medieval artifacts and art. She’s sharp, efficient, old fashion and proud of it. She tries to install a sense of these virtues in her devoted niece, Janie. The museum is controlled by Ruth, her brother, Edward ( who is the trustee ), and their fragile sister, Phyllis. Ruth is horrified when Edward tells her that he intends to shut down the museum. It is loosing to much money. He is certain that Phyills will go along with his wishes. Rather than leave it to a vote, Ruth moves with Machiavellian swiftness. She arranges for the shifty security guard Janie had hired to break into the museum that night and steal several pieces. Everything is insured so everyone will prosper by his actions.


Columbo - "The Bye-Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case" (1977)

"The Bye-Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case" (1977)
Season: 6, Episode - 3
Director:Sam Wanamaker
Written by:Robert Malcolm Young
Produced by:Richard Alan Simmons
Originally aired:May 22, 1977
Run Time:(mins)
Peter Falk		as LT. Columbo

Theodore Bikel as Oliver Brandt Kenneth Mars as Mike Mars Sorrell Booke as Bertie Hastings Samantha Eggar as Vivian Brandt Basil Hoffman as Mr. Danziger Howard McGillin as George Camponella George Sperdakos as Mr Wagner Jamie Lee Curtis as Waitress Todd Martin as Sergeant Burke Dorrie Thomson as Miss Elsenback Carol Jones as Caroline Treynor Carlene Watkins as Amy Fay Dewitt as Amgela Kathleen King as Suzy Mitzi Rogers as Receptionist

Friends since college, Oliver Brandt and Bertie Hastings are partners in a powerful accounting firm. And both are members of the Sigma Society, a club for geniuses. Bertie has discovered that flamboyant Oliver has embezzled funds to support his wife’s expensive tastes. Bertie has threatened to expose his partner to the wealthy clients he is cheating.


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