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Columbo: Out Of Uniform

Col. Lyle C. Rumford, By Dawn's Early Light

"We have similar jobs, in a way. I wear a uniform, you
wear a ...I suppose you could call that a uniform."  - -

Columbo's wardrobe is a big part of the character, part of what makes him Columbo.

The famous raincoat...
The baggy neutral-colored suit...
The white shirt with the collar-points bent up ...
The dark green tie with the tiny polka-dots....
The dusty ankle-height shoes...

They're all as familiar to "Columbo" fans as the scratchy voice and the cigars.

But thirty years is a long time, and everybody's gotta change clothes sometime. Even Columbo!

Let's take a look...

Requiem For A Falling Star

The first time Columbo ever changes his tie, it is picked out for him by 7-time Oscar winning designer Edith Head (shown), who was also Oscar-nominated for her work with Peter Falk in "Pocketful of Miracles" (1961).

Requiem Requiem

It's All In The Game

Columbo gets another new tie from a flirtatious killer (Faye Dunaway).  He then wears it every time
he sees her -- until the final scene when he comes to arrest her.

All in the game All in the game

Murder, Smoke, And Shadows

Columbo, the Master of Showmanship

Murder Smoke

Columbo Cries Wolf

Columbo emerges from a creek, searching for the corpse of a victim who isn't dead -- yet

By Dawn's Early Light

Columbo's sleeping attire at the military academy 


An Exercise In Fatality

"Dancing with my wife is about the only exercise I get."


Now You See Him

"I gotta take off this coat. I can't think in this coat...THE COAT, I can't think in the coat." The new raincoat is a gift from the wife. Columbo repeatedly tries to lose it, then leaves it in the car with his dog and tells the dog to look the other way if anybody tries to steal it.

See Him

Make Me A Perfect Murder

After crashing his car, Columbo needs chiropractic treatment

Make me

Rest In Peace, Mrs Columbo

After Mrs Columbo's funeral, dressed all in black

Rest in Peace

A Stitch In Crime

"Columbo, M.D." in the operating room



Back in the hospital, this time as a patient -- making his escape



Stylish sweat-pants


Troubled Waters

Columbo on a cruise to Mexico, in his tropical shirt In his bathrobe

Waters Waters


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