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Columbo Cases and How they were Murdered

Murder by gunshot

Murder By The Book

Shot in holiday cabin while talking on the phone

Dead Weight

Shot in chest with pearl-handled pistol

Candidate For Crime

Shot three times at the beach house

Double Exposure

Shot while taking a drink for a water fountain

Publish Or Perish

Shot while working in office

Negative Reaction

Double murder wife shot in cabin. Alvin, ex-con shot in Junk yard

Troubled Waters

Shot with a .38 pistol in cabin using a pillow to muffle the noise


Now You See Him

Shot while working in office gun was dropped.

Fade In To Murder

Shot in the back.

Old Fashioned Murder

Double murders 1st shot by the museum pay phone 2nd as he enters to investigate.

The Bye Bye Sky-High I.Q. Murder Case

Make Me A Perfect Murder

Shot while reading a script in office

The Conspirators

Shot in hotel room while selling guns

Murder In Malibu

Columbo Goes To College

Shot in underground car park

Butterfly In Shades Of Gray

Shot in the back while talking on the telephone

A Trace of Murder - 25th Anniversary

Murder by bludgeoning

Etude In Black

Hit with a heavy ashtray wraped in a towel

Dagger Of The Mind

Ht with a heavy jar of cold cream from a dressing table.

A Stitch In Crime

Hit with tire iron in the hospital car park

Lovely But Lethal

Hit over the head with a microscope

Last Salute To The Commodore

Hit over the head with a belaying pin

Identity Crisis

Murder by drowning

A Friend In Deed

Second murder, in bathtub

Death Hits The Jackpot

Drowned in bathtub

The Most Crucial Game (swimming pool)

Then there were suffocations set-up to look like drownings

Murder, A Self Portrait

Any Old Port In A Storm

Suffocations set-up to look like Accidents

An Exercise In Fatality

Suffocation using a small steel Bar to his throat from behind.

Try And Catch Me

Locked in a sound proof vault.

Murder by poisoning or drugs

Swan Song

Murder Under Glass

Rest In Peace, Mrs Columbo

Uneasy Lies The Crown

Murder using animals as weapon

A Matter Of Honor

Attacked by "Marinaro" the Bull

How To Dial A Murder

Attacked by two Doberman pinschers, "Laurel and Hardy"

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