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Columbo Cuisine: Other Favorite Foods

While chili is clearly Columbo's "signature" food and his main dietary staple, there are other recurring foods that deserve honorable mention for what they
might say about the Columbo character.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Carried in the raincoat pocket.  When Columbo arrives at a crime scene, his first challenge is finding a suitable place to crack the shells where the forensic
investigators won't yell at him.

Egg Egg

Egg Egg


Ice Cream Bars

Bought and eaten outdoors, possibly a habit from his New York background.  Columbo's sweet tooth might help to explain his aversion to dentists.

icecream icecream

icecream icecream


Peanut Butter And Raisin Sandwich

A Columbo specialty, sometimes with jam on top.

PeaNut PeaNut

Hot Dogs

From his friend Arthur, who runs the stand at "Travel Town" -- an actual amusement park/ train museum located in Griffith Park.  (Griffith Park is also where Mrs Columbo's niece goes to play with his dog - Columbo Goes To College.)

Columbo jokes that Arthur is too fat to fit in a regular swimming pool, implying he's the size of a whale and can only swim in a lake.  Columbo is a regular customer,  so Art remembers that Columbo likes his hot dogs "charred".

Hot Dog Hot Dog


"I'll drink anything."  - Columbo, Publish Or Perish

For a guy who eats the same food every day, Columbo enjoys a wide variety of beverages.  In fact, except for coffee, he hardly ever drinks the same thing twice.

Coffee:  Usually takes it "hot, strong and black - none of that de-caf stuff!"  But
we have also seen him take a touch of cream.  Often asks for coffee first thing upon arriving at the crime scene, if he hasn't brought his own in his big plaid thermos.

Tea: three sugars -- hates it lukewarm.

We have also seen Columbo drink, among other things: cream soda (says "I'm a cream soda kinda guy"), hot chocolate, root beer, ginger ale, iced tea, seltzer,
scotch, bourbon, beer, sherry, red wine, and a "Mighty Malt  with no whipped cream".

Fish and Chips:

In Dagger Of The Mind Columbo interrupts Supt. Durk, when they're both by the Embankment by announcing "Those fish and chips are greasy but they're sure good!"

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Fish & Chips Fish & Chips

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