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Columbo's Car Crashes and Car Problems

Although Columbo loves his car, and seems oblivious to the fact that everybody
else thinks it's junk, Columbo has had his share of problems with the Peugeot.

Columbo has crashed the car at least four times:

Make Me A Perfect Murder

Columbo suffers whiplash  in a major 3-vehicle collision when he gets in the middle of a high-speed police pusuit.

His rear-view mirror had fallen off and he was trying to replace it while driving. His concentration probably wasn't helped by the fact that he was also singing at the top of his lungs.

Perfect Crash Perefect2

Perfect3 Perfect4

A Matter Of Honor:

Columbo gets into another rear-end hit while in Mexico. Local victim fakes major injury and the car gets impounded.  Fortunately, local policia already know Columbo by reputation (from "Troubled Waters").


Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

Columbo almost hits the killer's car in a parking lot,... then he backs up, tries again,...almost crashes again,.. then tries a third time, and this time he slams into it.

It's a convenient chance to examine the killer's paint-job, which yields a key clue (scratches from dog with missing claw at murder scene).

Caution1 Caution2

Old Fashioned Murder

Columbo arrives at the crime scene by crashing into the back of a police car. Columbo hardly pauses to look for damage, just walks away saying "Sorry about the car." The other cop says, "That's all right, sir, ...You got the dent."


Negative Reaction

The passenger side door-handle won't work so Columbo has to bang the door open from inside by reatedly punching it.  Then the overwrought driving examiner (Larry Storch) gets in the car ("Is")  and is alarmed to find no seat belt, a violation of law. (Columbo asks "Is that a requirement, sir? new regulation?")

Death Lends A Hand

In Death Lends A Hand, Columbo gets pulled-over because his car has a
broken right turn signal. "It's the second time I got pulled-over today."


Uneasy Lies The Crown

Columbo says he has never used the chase-light on top of his car, and when he tries to use it he finds out he can't plug it in because that the car'scigarette-lighter doesn't work.

Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous To Your Health

The car has no tape deck  either.

Etude In Black

Columbo tells a mechanic "I think the engine is missing,...but I can't be sure because the shock absorbers are so old that the whole ride is very bumpy..."

Forgotten Lady

He arrives late for an appointment because his car broke down on the freeway.

A Friend In Deed

The car plagues him  repeatedly.  First the Peugeot breaks down and makes Columbo late getting to the crime scene, which is especially embarrassing since he arrives to find the Police Commissioner waiting for him. Soon the car makes him late again when he's due for a meeting at the Commissioner's office -- "This time they're telling me it's the generator."

Friend1 Friend2

Candidate For Crime

Police stop Columbo for a surprise motor vehicle inspection. He flunks dismally.  One windshield wiper is crippled ("Must have lost one in the car wash..."), a turn-signal is broken, a high-beam is out, the anti-smog device is leaking,
...and when Columbo fumbles around in the glove compartment, the clutter inside it includes one of the door-handles.


The Conspirators

The car makes him late again when he gets a flat tire -- and it was almost a new retread, too!

Flat tyre

Make Me A Perfect Murder

Columbo's thinking of saving up to buy a new bumper for the car...OR, a new pair of shoes.

Grand Deceptions

But Columbo's more typical reaction, when people are shocked and appalled by the car's appearance.

"Lovely thing, isn't it? .... Needs a wash now..."

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