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The Smashed Watch Trick
Candidate Smash

Candidate For Crime

Nelson Hayward (Jackie Cooper) smashes a watch on the victim's wrist, to fake the  time of death as part of his alibi. Hayward has to substitute a flimsier watch
because the victim's own watch was indestructible -- which Columbo immediately   guesses with an observation that only Columbo would make: The watch doesn't go   with his shoes!

Stop Watch

Death Hits The Jackpot

Killer Leon Lamarr  (Rip Torn) repeats the "smashed watch" trick, this   time in staging a bathtub accident. Again the trick backfires because Columbo notices that the watch has no serial number -- why would the victim wear a cheap watch into the tub, knowing it's not waterproof? 

Forgotton Lady

Forgotten Lady

Projection room clock - Grace's movie was still running after "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" ended.  Why did the movie take an extra 15 minutes to finish playing?

Short Fuse Short Fuse

Short Fuse

Darkroom clock, as Roddy McDowall sets timer for "exploding cigar"  bomb Listening to tape of explosion, Columbo notices how Roddy compulsively checks his watch.

Negative Reaction

Negative Reaction

Columbo's reverse blow-up: Was it 10 am or 2 pm?

Negative Reaction

By Dawn's Early Light

Colonel Rumford's watch - he's almost ready to go.The jug was visible only from 6:10 until 6:25

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