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Columbo In Jeopardy

Columbo In Jeopardy

"Columbo In Jeopardy: Killers Who Tried To Kill Columbo"

In Columbo's version of reality, murder is committed by gentlemen and ladies of distinction.  Killers are not junkies or maniacs or street-gangs, but rather intelligent individuals, generally wealthy or famous and accomplished, who play by a certain set of rules.

Columbo's career is a series of intellectual jousts with these brilliant gamesters who may be killers but they abide by the proper protocols: it's one thing to shoot a business rival, but quite another, my dear fellow, to engage in crude car chases and muggings.   Columbo does not need to carry a gun.

When the game is up, the murderers graciously bow to Columbo and recognize
the check-mate.  They may even congratulate Columbo.  They never need to be
led away in, heaven forbid, handcuffs or chains. "That won't be necessary,

But once in a while, Columbo runs into a scoundrel who doesn't like to play
by The Rules -- a rotter who ACTUALLY TRIES TO KILL COLUMBO!!!

Here they are...

Lady in Waiting

Lady In Waiting 

Killer levels her gun at Columbo.  "You don't really want to do that, maam.  Policemen outside, what would be the point? Besides,...You're much too classy a woman.  Now get dressed, maam.  Take all the time you need."

Butterfly Gun

Butterfly In Shades Of Gray

Killer William Shatner as Fielding Chase grabs for his shotgun in the trunk of his car, to blow Columbo away on the deserted road where Columbo has just proved his point about the cell-phone.  Columbo saw it coming, and a bunch of
plainclothes cops on bicycles glide in to the rescue.


Rest In Peace, Mrs Columbo

Killer Helen Shaver as Vivian Dimitri thinks Columbo has eaten poison marmalade, and brags about her whole plot as Columbo appears to be dying.
Surprise,...Columbo saw it coming and faked the poisoning to get a confession.  "You wanted to kill my wife, and you would have killed me.  I take that very personally."

Guillotine Guillotine

Columbo Goes To The Guillotine

Killer Anthony Andrews as Elliott Blake tries to kill Columbo in the Guillotine - "It's the labels, Sir -- 'Safe' and 'Danger' ... I have to admit I was very cynical, Mr. Blake -- I reversed  the labels."

Murder Under Glass

Murder Under Glass

Killer Louis Jourdan as Paul Gerard tries to use the poisoned gas-injection corkscrew in Columbo's wine in a game of cat and mouse.

Dial a Murder

How To Dial A Murder

The killer tries to provoke his dogs into fatally mauling Columbo, using the key-word "Rosebud!" But Columbo was way ahead of him, and already had
the dogs re-trained to "Kiss" instead of "Kill".

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