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Columbo Newsletter

Columbo Newsletter contains reviews (from the first movie, Prescription: Murder to Double Exposure in the middle of third season), fan discussion, episode guides, pictures and more.

Talk with Falk

By Arthur Marx ("Cigar Aficionado," Dec.1997) A very good indepth interview with Peter Falk covering all topics of his life.

Talk with Link & Levinson

Great question and answer article from the creators of Columbo

Talk with Shera Danese

Question and answer article with Peter Falks wife, Shera Danese

Tele Star 1988

French Paper Tele Star interview Peter Falk about the Columbo Character

Le Figaro 1988

How many candles on Columbo's birthday cake ? Is the most famous detective on T.V. as old as TF1 maintains? Investigation.

Link and Levinson

Levinson, Richard, and William Link (U.S. TV writers and producers) Best friends since the first day of junior high school, Philadelphia area natives Levinson and Link parlayed mutual passions for mysteries, magic, and writing into the most honored and productive collaboration in TV history. Best known as the creators of Columbo.

Rumpled and Ready

Taken from - TV guide February 4th 1989By Peter Falk with Jeff Kays.  Columbo returns! What you can expect from him now!

The Missing Peugeot

Taken from - TV guide February 4th 1989By Peter Falk When Columbo finished its run in 1981, nobody suspected it would return one day. So Universal Studios, which makes the show, sold off the lieutenant's beat-up 1960 Peugeot 403.

Peter Falks Memory

Peter Falk's slight Memory

How we created Columbo

AND HOW HE NEARLY KILLED US - By Richard Levinson and William Link (from their book "Stay Tuned: An Inside Look at the Making of Prime Time Television," excerpted in American Film magazine, March, 1981)

Faye Dunaway Recalls

Faye Dunaway tells how she became invloved in "Columbo: It's All In The Game", and how it changed her life. She also recalls working with Peter Falk in his first starring TV show, "The Trials of O'Brien". This excerpt from Faye's autobiography, "Looking For Gatsby" (1995), begins after Faye describes her struggle and embarrassment with the failure of her television series, "It Had To Be You".

A Week Of Woe for Peter Falk

''Columbo' star Peter Falk had a car crash, a cancer scare and plastic : surgery all in one week!

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