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Now if you owned a Jaguar sports-car, you wouldn't forget it, now would you?
Of course not, but then you're not Peter Falk, who now earns at least $100,000-per-segment as TV's Columbo Seems a secretary dropped Peter's red Jaguar at a Beverly Hills shop for repairs When six months went by-with nary  a word from Peter or his secretary - the manager of the garage called Falk's office. "Gosh!" exclaimed Peter's secretary. "We were just wondering what happened to that car!" But now the question is - if he can so easily forget a car, how's he gonna remember his lines?

A little trivia from the Site:

Etude Jag Etude jag

We first see a E-type Jaguar in Etude In Black owned by Maestro Alex Benedict, John Cassavetes. Columbo checks the mileage "There are 9 miles extra on the speedometer, it's exactly 9 miles to the victims house"

Greenhouse Jag Greenhouse jag

Another E-type Jaguar, yellow in colour appears in The Greenhouse Jungle owned by Tony Goodland, Bradford Dillman to create the perfect alibi Jarvis, Ray Milland shoots a .32 pistol into the windscreen. Columbo has doubts about the path of the bullet it should have passed through the driver.

Requiem For A Falling Star Requiem For A Falling Star

In Requiem For A Falling Star former movie queen Nora Chandler, Anne Baxter pours a can of gasoline on the car port and splashes a trail of fuel to the hill behind the house. Jerry's car pulls up she strickes the fatal match.

Malibu Jag Malibu jag

We then see another E-type Jaguar, Red this time in Murder In Malibu Owned by Wayne Jennings, Andrew Stevens. Columbo say's "I've never sat in one of these before!" well not entirely true. Columbo check the speedometer once more. 

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