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A week of Woe for  PETER FALK

A Car Crash, Cancer Scare and Plastic Surgery in one week!

Taken from the National Enquirer May 1999

''Columbo' star Peter Falk had a car crash, a cancer scare and plastic : surgery all in one week!

He's recovering in Century City Hospital, Los Angeles. But a nasty bump on his head from the accident had doctors concerned.

"Peter is 71 and his slow recovery deeply worried doctors and his wife Shera," a source :close to Falk told The ENQUIRER. "During tests, specialists discovered a tumor near his throat. It was a terrifying shock for Falk and his family.

Peter prayed to God that he didn't have cancer :

"The Falks were on pins and needles until the tumor was removed and a biopsy performed.

Once they found out the tumor wasn't malignant Peter and his wife . breathed a sigh of relief :

"Shera, seeing where the tumor was, insisted on calling in a plastic surgeon so Peter would not be scarred around the throat or near his famous face.

"Peter has made a wonderful living from his rugged face and Shera wanted to make sure nothing got in the way of his career.

"Falk can think and talk clearly but he is very grumpy.

"The car accident happened in : Los Angeles April 13th. Falk was driving when he lost control - he only has one eye and is not the greatest driver and hit a light pole. The head injury is what put him in hospital

In 1992 Falk was in another accident - he was unhurt but a young woman was trapped in the wreck.  Firemen and paramedics cut her out the vehicle and the woman recovered from minor cuts and bruises.

'Peter has walked away from two car wrecks and a cancer scare.

"He's like a cat with nine lives.

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