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Interview with Shera Danese - Peter Falks Wife

Husband and Wife
Information sent to us by Nico Trenti - from France

"Columbo" is 30 years old. How could you explain its longevity?
The scenarios are really ingenious. Above all, with Columbo, the televiewers are
witnesses in a way: they know the murderer from the beginning. The plot keep them in suspense, they make investigations, just like Columbo! Thirty years ago, it was a real wager. It was so daring that "Columbo" has been several times imitated.

Do you remember the episode which is broadcasted tonight ( "A Trace of Murder" )?
Oh yes! We had to get up at 3.30 a.m.! At 6.00 a.m., you had to be ready on the set. I've played in four episodes, but this one was my best role.

What do you answer to those who say that you are in the cast just because you are
Peter Falk's wife?

This has forever existed! Those who choose during the castings privilege their friends or their family... But, of course, you also need talent.

Your career started before you met your husband.
During the 70's, I played in a lot of series. But after my wedding, in 1977, I
stopped my career for 3 years. A big mistake... I started again with Peter in
"Knives", a play of John Cassavetes. John had rented a theatre and had made it
renovated at this juncture.

You are said to love evening parties, but your husband doesn't. Have you
managed to reach an agreement?

I go to the parties alone [laughs]. Peter is really lonely. He loves making long
walks, looking sport or documentary on T.V.. He also loves drawing. It is a passion for him. However, I made him his coffee this morning.

How could you describe the 22 years of your married life?
Now, it's allright. But several years ago, we went through a really hard spell.
I don't know why, but we didn't agree on anything. Then, we made concessions, we accepted the bad habits of the other... But Peter still likes my humour, even if
I'm sometimes sarcastic. 22 years of married life, I don't know how we have
managed to hold out! [laughs]

Do you have good relations with Peter's daughters, Catherine and Jackie?
We don't meet them...

Do you have a feeling for your husband's paintings?
Peter makes really nice drawings. He especially paints nudes. He has already
displayed his paintings in Louisiana and in New York, and he intends to display
them in France. I am often asked if I am jealous of the girls who pose for him.
But I'm not jealous at all. At least, he isn't alone.

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