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Columbo Sounds & Themes

In addition to the presence of Vito Scotti, Any Old Port In A Storm  contains another delightful first. This episode marked the introduction of the song " This Old Man" ( the children’s nick-nack-paddy-whacke tune), which Columbo hums while making a phone call at the winery. He hums it again in Candidate For Crime and the rest, as they say is history. The melody became as much a part of Columbo as the car, the dog and the wife.

It has become something like Columbo’s unofficial theme song. After a while,
the music arrangers started working the tune into the score of different episodes.
All of this reached a magnificent conclusion in Murder Under Glass. In amontage
scene, a parade of waiters serves a stunning array of food to a smiling Columbo, marching to the lively accompaniment of grandly arranged version of "This Old Man" ( although producer Richard Alan Simmons had wanted the "Colonel Bogey March" )

Falk - " I just used to like to sing it", he explained, "and one day it came out of Columbo. It’s a song that absolutely tickles me. I whistled it in a couple of shows.

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