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Columbo's Dog

Columbo's Dog

Etude In Black deserves a special mention because it marks the debut of the dog, Columbo's pet basset hound.  Dog had his origins in NBC's persistent demands for another continuing character, Levison and link merrily decided to comply with the networks wishes.  They talked to bochco who was writing the opening episode of the second season the network wanted a young cop to be his sidekick, Levinson recalled.  Bill, Bochco and I said lets give him a dog. 

From "Try and Catch Me" From "Forgotten Lady"

Echoing his reaction to the car idea Falk resisted the idea of a dog "this really was too much, my reaction was he has the coat, the cigar the car the wife that's enough.  He doesn't need anything more".  Nick said, can I show you the dog, I said well if you want to nick but I tell you I'm against it.  then he brought in the dog. I said, "you're right, that's Columbo dog there was no name you could give the hound just dog".  magnificently lethargic and so ugly he was cute, dog would only bark and run at the worst possible times according got the Etude In Black script Columbo found dog at the pound and decided to adopt him he spend much of the episode trying to come up with a name for him.

This dog needs a name that will give him some stature he needs all the help he can get.   Dog hardly became a regular character but he does make splendid appearances in such episodes Forgotten Lady, Playback, Now You See Him, Try And Catch Me, and Make Me A Perfect Murder we learned that dog enjoys ice cream, watching television and swimming in a neighbours pool the original dog Levinson and Link related in their book "stay tuned" died and was replaced an equally passive pooch the change went unnoticed. The new dog did create some problems for Falk the second dog was much younger than the original so they had to put makeup on the second dog to make him look older.

From "Forgotten Lady" From "Forgotten Lady"


DOG TRIVIA Sent to us by Ted Kerin

Question 1. Columbo's dog was from a shelter, which names were considered for him?
Question 2. Has Columbo's dog ever sired puppies?
Question 3. Has Columbo's dog ever bitten him?
Question 4. Has Columbo's dog ever been to obedience school?
Question 5. Has Columbo's dog ever undergone "guard dog" training?


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