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Answer 1. The vet suggested Fido or Jet or Munch.  Columbo tried "Beethoven" but the dog didn't like it (Etude In Black).



Answer 2.  Not that we know of.  But he was in love with the neighbor's cocker spaniel.  Columbo briefly considers that maybe the lovesick dog could be fooled or satisfied with a pin-up photo of the spaniel, but Columbo quickly abandons that idea.  ("I mean,...the dog is DUMB, but he won't fall for THAT!") (Negative Reaction).



Answer 3. Once.  The motive, Columbo learns, was jealousy (Murder, a Self Portrait).  The dog also tends to be "conceited" (Playback).



Answer 4. Yes, but he was kicked out.  The dean said that Columbo's dog was "demoralizing the other students" (Mind Over Mayhem). So the dog still is not housebroken.



Answer 5. No. Columbo thought this might be a good idea for Mrs. Columbo's protection.  But the dog trainer's advice was, "If you want to protect your wife, Lieutenant, teach her karate!" (How To Dial a Murder)

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