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Columbia House "Collectors Edition"

The number to call is 1-800-457-0866. They'll ask for an "account number" but if you don't yet have one they'll take it from there and get you started. "Columbo: The Collector's Edition" : The first tape is $4.95, then the rest are shipped about once a month at $19.95, plus S&H which (in US) is I think $3.95. The episodes that are available are:

A big thanks to Cindy Holden for sending us the Url's

1) Prescription: Murder 16) A Deadly State Of Mind
2) Ransom For A Dead Man 17) Murder Under Glass
3) Murder By The Book 18) A Matter Of Honor
4) Death Lends A Hand 19) How To Dial A Murder
5) Any Old Port In A Storm 20) Last Salute To The Commodore
6) A Stitch In Crime 21) Blueprint For Murder
7) Etude In Black 22) Dagger Of The Mind
8) A Friend In Deed 23) Requiem for a falling star
9) By Dawn's Early Light 24) Double Shock
10) Try And Catch Me 25) Publish Or Perish
11) Suitable For Framing 26) Mind Over Mayhem
12) The Most Dangerous Match 27) Fade In To Murder
13) Double Exposure 28) Excercise In Fatality
14) Negative Reaction 29) Lady In Waiting
15) Playback 30) Short Fuse

The A&E Columbo set AAE-32500   $99.95 Specially Packaged Set of 5 Videos 375 minutes
Products are currently unavailable outside of the U.S. and Canada

Lieutenant Colombo is on the case in these five favorite episodes from the celebrated TV series starring Peter Falk as the rumpled detective. A sensational selection of guest stars plus the brilliant plots and perfectly paced action that characterized the series highlights these classic cases:

A Stitch in Crime - Leonard Nimoy guest stars as a brilliant young heart surgeon whose ambition burns a little too brightly.
Murder by the Book -When a bestselling writing duo splits up, the plot includes murder.
Suitable for Framing - When wealthy art collector Randy Mathews (Don Ameche) decides to change his will, his nephew is less than pleased. Suitable for Framing
Lovely but Lethal - Martin Sheen and Vincent Price star in this mystery about a high-stakes battle between two cosmetics giants. Lovely But Lethal
Try and Catch Me - A mystery writer (Ruth Gordon) is convinced her beloved niece was murdered by her unsavory husband, and plots revenge Try and Catch Me

Call 800-625-9000 to order 1997 A&E Television Networks.

The A&E Columbo pilot episode AAE-32506 $19.95  - 75 minutes

Amazons Columbo Tapes

Columbo:Lovely but Lethal Peter Falk / VHS Tape / Published 1995 Our Price: $13.49 ~ You Save: $1.50 -  (10%)
Columbo:Suitable for Framing Peter Falk / VHS Tape / Published 1995 Our Price: $13.49 ~ You Save: $1.50 (10%)
Columbo:Try and Catch Me Peter Falk / VHS Tape / Published 1994 Our Price: $13.49 ~ You Save: $1.50 (10%)
Columbo:A Stitch in Crime Peter Falk / VHS Tape / Published 1994 Our Price: $14.99 (Special Order)
Columbo:Murder by the Book Peter Falk / VHS Tape / Published 1989 Our Price: $14.99 (Special Order)
Columbo:Prescription for Murder Peter Falk / VHS Tape / Published 1987 Our Price: $14.99 (Special Order)

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UK Columbo Videos

ukvideo2.jpg (22269 bytes) UK Free CD

"Watching The Detectives: Volume 1" by Universal Video which includes,

    Prescription Murder
    Dead Weight

There is a FREE limited edition CD with a Columbo Theme and others, price is 9.99 you can find this in any HMV or Virgin store or write to:

Universal Video
1 Sussex Place
London, WE 9XS

Also see PAL / UK tapes for more Videos or Columbo on DVD

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