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Columbo-- Repeat Performances by Actors
Prepared by Neal Silverman

This compilation is dedicated to the memory of Michael Lally, The Dean of Columbo Character Players

    Avery, Val
"The Most Crucial Game", Ralph Dobbs (private investigator)
"Dead Weight", Harry Barnes (boat rental man)
"Identity Crisis", Louie (bartender)
"A Friend in Deed", Artie Jessup

    Bach, Robin
"Columbo Goes to College", Maitre D'
"Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo", Waiter

    Backes, Alice
"Negative Reaction", Mrs. Mayland
A Trace of Murder

    Baxter, Frank
"Lady in Waiting", Fred
"Fade In To Murder", Walter Gray

    Begley, Ed, Jr.
"How to Dial a Murder", Officer Stein
"Undercover", Irving Krutch

    Beltran, Alma
"Double Exposure", Housekeeper
"A Friend in Deed", Mrs. Fernandez

    Booke, Sorrell
"Bye-Bye Sky-High I. Q. Murder Case", Bertie Hastings
"Swan Song", J. J. Stringer

    Brown, Lew
Short Fuse
Candidate for Crime

    Bryant, William
"Mind Over Mayhem", Fields
"Requiem for a Falling Star", Sgt. Jeffries

    Bryant, Joshua
"Last Salute to the Commodore", Wayne Taylor
"A Friend in Deed", Dr. MacMurray (coroner)

    Buchanan, Morris
"Old Fashioned Murder", 2d detective
"A Deadly State of Mind", Lab Man

    Burns, Bart
"Requiem for a Falling Star", Sgt. Fields
"Playback", Thompson

    Burrell, Larry
"Swan Song", TV Reporter
"Candidate for Crime", Newsman

    Byrd, David
"Murder--A Self-Portrait", Ralph
No Time to Die

    Carey, Timothy
"Fade In To Murder", Tony
"Dead Weight", Bert

    Carnell, Cliff
"The Most Crucial Game", Plainclothesman
"Identity Crisis", Don (photo shop man)
"Blueprint for Murder", Off. Wilson

    Carradine, Carolyn
"Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star", Receptionist
"Butterfly in Shades of Grey", First Biker

    Cassidy, Jack
"Murder by the Book", Ken Franklin
"Publish or Perish", Riley Greenleaf
"Now You See Him", The Great Santini

    Coleman, Dabney
"Double Shock", Detective Murray
"Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star", Hugh Creighton

    Cordic, Regis J.
"Candidate for Crime", Deputy Commissioner
"Any Old Port in a Storm", Lewis

    Culp, Robert
"Columbo Goes to College", Jordan Rowe
"The Most Crucial Game", Paul Hanlon
"Double Exposure", Dr. Bart Kepple
"Death Lends a Hand", Brimmer

    Currie, Sondra
"Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star", Sgt. Habach
"Murder in Malibu", Mrs. Rocca

    Daly, Tyne
"A Bird in the Hand", Dolores

    Danese, Shera
"Murder--A Self-Portrait", Vanessa Barsini
"Undercover", Geraldine Ferguson
Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star
"A Trace of Murder", Kathleen Calvert
"Murder Under Glass", Eve Plummer
"Fade In To Murder", Molly

    Dehner, John
"Last Salute to the Commodore", Commodore Otis Swanson
"Swan Song", Roland Pangborn

    DePina, Manuel
"Double Exposure", 1st detective
The Most Dangerous Match
"An Exercise in Fatality", Photographer

    Dishy, Bob
"The Greenhouse Jungle", Sgt. Frederic Wilson
"Now You See Him", Sgt. John J. Wilson

    Donner, Robert
"Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous To Your Health", Arnie
"Undercover", Zeke
"Any Old Port in a Storm", The Drunk

    Draper, Fred
"Last Salute to the Commodore", Swanny Swanson
"Fade In To Murder", Joseph
"A Deadly State of Mind", David Morris
"Lovely but Lethal", Dr. Murcheson

    Edmiston, Walker
"Any Old Port in a Storm", Auctioneer
"Dagger of the Mind", Gardener

    Elliott, Stephen
"Grand Deception", General Padget
"A Deadly State of Mind", Karl Donner

    Farese, Jude
"Candidate for Crime", Highway patrolman
"An Exercise in Fatality", Al Murphy

    Finnegan, John
"Fade In To Murder", Assistant director
"Columbo Cries Wolf", Police commissioner
"A Friend in Deed", Lt. Dryer
A Trace of Murder
"Strange Bedfellows", Barney
"Lovely but Lethal", Sgt.
"The Most Dangerous Match", Workman
"Columbo and the Murder of a Rock Star", Police Chief Corbett
"Last Salute to the Commodore", Guard
"It's All in the Game", Barney
"Blueprint for Murder", Carl

    Fox, Michael
"Etude in Black", Dr. Benson
"The Most Dangerous Match", Dr. Benson

    Fox, Bernard
"Dagger of the Mind", William Durk
"Troubled Waters", Purser Preston Watkins

    Frances, Anne
"A Stitch in Crime", Sharon Martin
"Short Fuse", Betty Bishop

    Fudge, Alan
"Publish or Perish", David Chase
"Columbo Goes to the Guillotine", Mr. Harrow
"Columbo Goes to College", Cooper's father

    Gaynes, George
"Any Old Port in a Storm", Frenchman
"Etude in Black", Everett

    Gibbons, Robert
"Now You See Him", Rodger
"Blueprint for Murder", Clerk

    Gilborn, Steven
"Uneasy Lies the Crown", Dr. Johnson (medical examiner)
"Columbo Goes to College", Medical examiner
"Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous To Your Health", Medical examiner

    Gold, Harvey
"Forgotten Lady", Dep. Coroner Anderson
"A Case of Immunity", Coroner
"Negative Reaction", Harry Lewis (camera salesman)

    Gregory, James
"Short Fuse", David Buckner
"The Most Crucial Game", Coach Larry Rizzo

    Guardino, Jerome
"Make Me A Perfect Murder", Sgt. Burke
"Forgotten Lady", Harris
"Try and Catch Me", Sgt. Burke
"Murder, Smoke & "Shadows", Sgt. Burke

    Hagan, Molly
"Murder", Smoke & "Shadows", Ruth Jernigan
"Butterfly in Shades of Grey", Victoria Chase

    Hall, Deirdre
"Mind Over Mayhem", Receptionist
"Columbo Cries Wolf", Diane Hunter

    Hamilton, George
"Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous To Your Health", Wade Anders
"A Deadly State of Mind", Dr. Marcus Collier

    Hartley, Mariette
"Try and Catch Me", Veronica
"Publish or Perish", Eileen McRae

    Hicks, Lenny
"Murder--A Self-Portrait", Morgue attendant
"Columbo Goes to the Guillotine", Eddie

    Huffman, Rosanna
"Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo", Steadman
"Suitable for Framing", Tracy O'Connor

    Hyde-White, Wilfrid
"Dagger of the Mind", Tanner
"Last Salute to the Commodore", Kittering

    Izay, Victor
"Now You See Him", Lassiter
"Fade In To Murder", Conroy
"An Exercise in Fatality", Medical examiner

    Jones, Morgan
"Uneasy Lies the Crown", Lab Technician
"Columbo Cries Wolf", Wilson
"Columbo Goes to College", Crime lab man

    Joyce, Jimmy
"Blueprint for Murder", Workman
"Fade In To Murder", Camera operator
"Last Salute to the Commodore", Handwriting expert

    Karnes, Robert
"Candidate for Crime", Sgt. Verson
"The Greenhouse Jungle", Off. Grover

    Keefer, Don
"Death Lends a Hand", Medical Examiner
"The Most Crucial Game", Deputy Coroner

    Kibbee, Jefferson
"Mind Over Mayhem", Jeff
"Swan Song", Frank

    Kirby, Bruce
"Identity Crisis", Sgt. Kramer
"Make Me A Perfect Murder", TV repairman
Agenda for Murder
"Last Salute to the Commodore", Sgt. Kramer
"A Deadly State of Mind", Sgt. Kramer
"Lovely but Lethal", Lab Attendant
"By Dawn's Early Light", Sgt. Kramer
"Strange Bedfellows" (uncredited)

    Kogan, Milt
"Make Me A Perfect Murder", Dubbing chief
"Columbo Goes to the Guillotine", Medical Examiner

    Kuby, Bernie
Murder By The Book
A Friend in Deed

    Lally, Michael
"Candidate for Crime", Political consultant
"Any Old Port in a Storm", Bartender
"Now You See Him", Michael Lally (former aerialist)
"A Friend in Deed", Bartender
"Old Fashioned Murder", Investigator
"Exercise In Fatality", (as Charlie, the gym patron on the exercise bike)
"A Stitch in Crime", Investigator
"Identity Crisis", Cab driver
"Etude in Black", Mechanic
"Forgotten Lady", Party guest
"Negative Reaction", Derelict ("Pop")
"Double Shock", Bank messenger
"Troubled Waters", Waiter
"By Dawn's Early Light", Investigator
"A Case of Immunity", Investigator
"Swan Song", Bookkeeper
"Mind Over Mayhem", computer technician
"Double Exposure" (voice) (not certain)
"Requiem For a Falling Star", Security guard (not certain)

    Lupino, Ida
"Swan Song", Edna Brown
"Short Fuse", Doris Buckner

    Macaulay, Charles
"Mind Over Mayhem", Farnsworth
"Ransom for a Dead Man", Richard
"Etude in Black", Durkee

    Martel, Arlene
"Double Exposure", Tanya Baker
"The Greenhouse Jungle", Gloria West
"A Friend in Deed", Saleswoman

    Martin, Todd
"Murder Under Glass", Sgt. Burke
"Bye-Bye Sky-High I. Q. Murder Case", Sgt. Burke

    McCann, John
"Any Old Port in a Storm", Officer
"The Conspirators", Brandon

    McCready, Ed
"It's All in the Game", Detective 2
"A Bird in the Hand", Ed
"Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo", Plainclothesman
"Death Hits the Jackpot", Security guard

    McEachin, James
"Make Me A Perfect Murder", Walter Mearhead
"Etude in Black", Billy

    McEveetey, Vincent J.
"It's All in the Game", Policeman
"A Bird in the Hand", 2d Policeman
A Trace of Murder

    McGoohan, Patrick
"Ashes to Ashes", Prince
"Agenda for Murder", Oscar Finch
"By Dawn's Early Light", Col. Lyle Rumford
"Identity Crisis", Nelson Brenner

    Meredith, Lucille
"Candidate for Crime", Lucy
"Swan Song", Lady (head seamstress)

    Milland, Ray
"Death Lends a Hand", Arthur Kennicut
"The Greenhouse Jungle", Jarvis Goodland

    Neilsen, Leslie
"Identity Crisis", Geronimo/A. J. Henderson
"Lady in Waiting", Peter Hamilton

    Nisbet, Stuart
"The Most Dangerous Match", Dr. Sullivan
Short Fuse

    Nolan, Jeanette
"The Conspirators", Kate O'Connell
"Double Shock", Mrs. Peck

    O'Connor, Tim
"Double Shock", Michael Hathaway
"Old Fashioned Murder", Edward Lytton

    O'Neal, Patrick
"Blueprint for Murder", Elliot Markham
"Make Me A Perfect Murder", Frank Flanagan

    Okuneff, Gerry
"It's All in the Game", Plainclothes detective
"Death Hits the Jackpot", Patrolman
"A Bird in the Hand", Dealer

    Petlock, John
"A Bird in the Hand", Medical examiner
"Murder in Malibu", Plainclothesman #2
"It's All in the Game", Male guest

    Prince, Michael
"Death Hits the Jackpot", Mr. Weatherford
"The Conspirators", Michael Moore

    Rhoades, Barbara
"Lady in Waiting", Hostess
"Identity Crisis", Joyce

    Roberts, Clete
"Dead Weight", TV newsman
"Candidate for Crime", TV anchorman

    Robertson, Dennis
"Double Exposure", Det. Marley
"Mind Over Mayhem", 1st Reporter
"An Exercise in Fatality", Jerry

    Rogers, Bill Edward
"Columbo Cries Wolf", Policeman
"Rest in Peace", Mrs. Columbo", Uniformed policeman 2

    Scotti, Vito
"Swan Song", Mr. Grindell (mortician)
"Negative Reaction", Thomas Dolan
"Murder--A Self-Portrait", Vito
"Identity Crisis", Salvatore Defonte
"Any Old Port in a Storm", Maitre d'
"Candidate for Crime", Mr. Chadwick (tailor)

    Shatner, William
"Butterfly in Shades of Grey", Fielding Chase
"Fade In To Murder", Ward Fowler

    Speradakos, George
"Now You See Him", Thackery
"Bye-Bye Sky-High I. Q. Murder Case", Mr. Wagner

    Stahl, Richard
"The Most Crucial Game", Mr. Fremont
"Lovely But Lethal", Burton
"Double Exposure", Ballistics man

    Stockwell, Dean
"Troubled Waters", Lloyd Harrington
"The Most Crucial Game", Eric Wagner

    Trent, Daniel
"Death Hits the Jackpot", Det. Braverman
"It's All in the Game", Detective #1

    Van Patten, Joyce
"Negative Reaction", Sister of Mercy
"Old Fashioned Murder", Ruth Lytton

    Varela, Jay
"Candidate for Crime", Sgt. Rojas
"A Case of Immunity", Capt. Ortega

    Vaughn, Robert
"Troubled Waters", Hayden Danziger
"Last Salute to the Commodore", Charles Clay

    Wells, Danny
"A Deadly State of Mind", Gary Keppler
Forgotten Lady

    Windom, William
"Prescription Murder", Burt Gordon
"Short Fuse", Everett Logan

    Zuckert, Bill
"Murder in Malibu", Father
"A Case of Immunity", Capt. August
"Negative Reaction", Capt. Sampson

    Zully, Stewart J.
"Murder, Smoke & "Shadows", Det. Archie Sewell
"It's All in the Game", Investigator 3

    Zwerling, Darrell
"An Exercise in Fatality", Lewis Lacey
"Mind Over Mayhem", Motel Manager
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