The Real Mr & Mrs.Columbo

The following is an outline of what we know about the Columbo character
from information gathered from all the episodes.

Lieutenant Columbo was born and raised in New York City. Located near Chinatown, the Columbo household included the future policeman's Italian
grandfather, parents, five brothers and sister. His father wore glasses and did the cooking when his mother was in the hospital having another baby. His grandfather let him stomp the grapes when they made wine in the cellar. He is Italian on both sides.

Columbo's father, who never earned more than $5,000 a year, taught him how to play pool, an obsession that stuck with the future detective. Hardly a model child, Columbo broke street lamps, played pinball and ran with a crowd of boys that enjoyed a good prank. His boy hood hero was Joe DiMaggio, although he liked gangster pictures.

During High School, he dropped chemistry and took wood shop. While he dated a girl named Theresa in high school, he also me his future wife at this time. After serving in the Army during the Korean War, Columbo joined the New York police force and was assigned to the 12th precinct. He trained under Sergeant Gilhooley, a genial Irishman who tried to teach him the noble game of darts. He moved to Los Angeles in 1958 ( Requiem for a falling star )

Columbo drives an ancient Peugeot ( License 044 APD ). He doesn't carry a gun. He is prone to airsickness and seasickness. He has allergies. He needs eight hours sleep.

He's compulsive about little details. He is not good with numbers. He likes pool, cooking, limericks, bowling, Westerns, Italian opera, Strauss waltzes, golf, classical music and football on television.

It is normal for his blood pressure to be a little low. Little things keep him awake at night and he likes to bounce ideas off his wife.. H e gowes blowing when depressed. Mysteries relax him, but he can't figure them out. He can't hold a pencil. His favourite song is "This old man." In 1972, he made $11,000 a year. His parents and his grandfather, who wore dentures, are dead.

His favourite food is chilli ( with crackers ) which he eats at a greasy spoon
called Burt's. Columbo also loves coffee and drinks it black. His breakfast is usually hard-boiled egg. Cooking is a hobby. He speaks Italian and a little Spanish.

He can't swim. The Columbo's have children but the number is not known.
They have a basset hound named dog.

The Real Mrs.Columbo

Using information provided from Columbo episodes, we can put together a brief
sketch of Mrs. Columbo.

The Columbo's were high school sweethearts, "never exactly thin", Mrs. Columbo is something of an athlete.  She's an expert bowler and belongs to a league. Although not a good cook, she has many other abililties, she handles the finances and does the taxes she takes accounting courses and other night classes. 

She's a good dancer and singer.  Mrs. Columbo reads constantly.  She loves crossword puzzles, Ann Landers, African Violets, Opera, Classical, Country and Rock music.   She loves having a good time and can get very loud when she gets carried away.   She gives her husband a pencil every morning. 

She has a proverb for every occasion. She would prefer her husband to take up a pipe, but he can't get used to it.

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