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Answer 1. The original plate number at NBC was, as stated in the Quiz, 044-APD
But after the move to ABC, his plate number has been 448-DBZ. Clear shots of
it are infrequent, but try
Murder, Smoke and Shadows

Answer 2.  Columbo says it is "a 1950 Peugeot -- They're very rare"
Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous To Your Health.    In fact it is
a 1959 Peugeot convertible, Model 403.  But as the authors of this website have
observed, Columbo's car is an important "character" in the show -- so perhaps the
answer is, it is a 1959 Peugeot Model 403,  playing the ROLE of a 1950 Peugeot.

Answer 3. According to Columbo, "There are only three like it in the
Identity Crisis.  Actually, this might not be far from the
truth: According to a recent "Parade" magazine article, only 504 were produced
in France. And Peter Falk's production company owns two of them.

Answer 4. In order to fill the gas tank, you have to lift up the left rear tail-light. 
The tail-light swings up on a hinge, like a trap-door
Identity Crisis.

Answer 5. The car takes narrow tires, like the 50,000-mile XKL A Deadly State of Mind
but Columbo buys "re-caps" and they're usually pretty bald, or go flat
("The Conspirators").

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