The Columbo Newsletter

Recently Sheldon Catz, editor of the Columbo Newsletter, contacted us and had some great things to say about the site. We  received a copy of his Spring 1999 newsletter, which was just finished. The issue contains an index of all articles since the Fifth Year Anniversary edition which I have posted below. 

If you wish to subscribers, the cost is $12 per year here in the States, and $16 U.S. per year for fans around the world. The latter usually send either cash or international postal money orders.

We at the site do not write or contribute to the Newsletter we are advertising it as part of the Columbo history.

The postal address is:

The Columbo Newsletter, P.O Box 1703, Pittsburgh, PA 15230-1703

If you would like to see a sample of what you will receive we have published Vol.1 No.2 Spring 1992 on the site for your enjoyment.

The Columbo Newsletter Index Contents

Vol. 1 No I ('Winter 92) - Prescription: Murder, articles about accomplices and Columbo Losing His Cool (PK) episode guide.

Vol 1 No 2 (Spring 92) - Ransom for a Dead Man, Prescription: Mitchell I (Mark), how newsletter came to be, history of Columbo, article about lawyers not knowing Columbo in L.A. (PK), episode list

Vol 1 No 3 (Summer 92) - Murder By the Book, Prescription: Mitchell II (Mark), articles on Columbo endings ('William Koenig and mystery wheel (PK)

Vol 1 No 4 (Fall 92) - Death Lends a Hand (editor & PK), First Clues Revisited, articles on music (Koenig) and cases Columbo lost in court (Robed Vestigo)

Vol II No I (Winter 93) - Dead Weight (editor & PK), Columbo seminar in NY (GO), article on prescience problem video exchange, episode guide

Vol II No 2 (Spring 93) - Suitable for Framing (editor & Joe Thomas), Columbo in Germany (Claus Wolf), articles on sex in new episodes (PR), A Tip of the Cowboy Hat [re A Bird in the Hand] (MD)

Vol 11 No 3 (Summer 93) - Lady in Waiting, Short Fuse, Columbo in Japan (Makoto Washio), video library, Creative Napping in Suitable for Framing (MD), Super Trivia Quiz/Survey

Vol II No 4 (Fall 93) - Blueprint for Murder, William Link interview begins, Columbo titles in Germany, comments on Lady in Waiting (PR) and Forgotten Lady (MD), first season wrap up, Super Trivia Quiz answers/Survey results, What I Watch For (Jack Hill)

Vol III No 1 (Winter 94) - Etude in Black, Link interview, 90 minute/2 hour controversy, How to Avoid Being Caught by Columbo (Hill), news of A&E showing episodes, comments on new episode It's All in the Game book The Grassy Knoll, comments on Etude final scene (MD)

Vol III No 2 (Spring 94) - The Greenhouse Jungle (editor & PK), The Most Crucial Game, Link interview comments on new episode Butterfly in Shades of Grey (MD)

Vol III No 3 (Summer 94) - Dagger of the Mind, Link interview, more titles in Germany, episode guide, articles on A Woman Under the Influence (MD) and death of George Peppard/Banacek episode guide (PK)

Vol III No 4 (FaIl 94) - Requiem for a Falling Star, A Stitch in Crime, Link interview, more titles in Germany, news of Faye Dunaway Emmy, comments on new episode Undercover (MD)

Vol IV No I ('Winter 95) - The Most Dangerous Match, Link interview (conclusion), articles on delayed and slippery clues, comments on A Stitch in Crime (PK), review of book The Helter Skelter Murders

Vol IV No 2 (Spring 95) - Double Shock, second season wrap up, Variations on a Theme by Jackson Gulls, news of deaths of Donald Pleasance and Michael V. Gazzo, upcoming episode, word search puzzle, article on McBain adaptations (MD), Columbo books in Germany (Thomas Mavridis)

Vol IV No 3 (Summer 95) - Lovely But Lethal, third season intro, biography of Columbo (MH), Catch 'Em for First Murder, the glass in Death Lends a Hand (MD)

Vol IV No 4 (Fall 95) - Any Old Port in a Storm (editor & MD), the metaclue ending, comments on Harrington books (06), new episode Strange Bedfellows, article about Columbo first name (MH)

VoI V No I (Winter 96) - Candidate for Crime, Double Exposure, The Three C's of Columbo Final Clues, news of induction of Levinson/Link into TV Hall of Fame

Vol V No 2 (Spring 96) - Publish or Perish, Columbo and the Death of a Series? (PK), An Evening with Janet Leigh (GO), Unsound Sound in The Most Dangerous Match (MD), episode guide, news of Internet Mind Over

VoI V No3 (Summer 96) - Mayhem, Columbo and the Problematic Confession Ending, Publish or Perish recount of TV 1-fall of Fame ceremony (CC), Type III Columbo/Murderer Relationships

Vol. V No 4 (Fall 96) - Swan Song, Type II Columbo/Murderer Sympathetic Relationships, More Mind Over Mayhem (MD), The Cars Murderers Drive, Hammer Time (EK)

Key: PK-Paul Kurecka, MD-Maryann Desiano, GG-Grace Grant, MI-I-Martin Hutchinson, Mark-Mark Dawidziak (author of The Columbo Phile) unmarked articles by editor Sheldon Catz

Index of Articles Since the Fifth Year Anniversary Edition


Fifth Anniversary - Columbo in Italiano (PK) , This Old Man, second super trivia quiz and reader survey, index to first five years of issues

Vol 6 No 1 (Winter 97) - A Friend in Deed, third season wrap-up, This Old Man's Third Season Appearances, Columbo Observations (Charles Shumate) , second trivia quiz answers and survey results, news of tapes

Vol 6 No 2 (Spring 97) - An Exercise in Fatality, fourth season intro, Columbo Gets Angry, This Old Man's Forth Season Appearances, news of Columbia House producing second set of ten episodes

Vol 6 No 3 (Summer 97) - Negative Reaction, This Old Man Mystery Solved and Fifth Season Appearances, A Trace of Murder review (GG), One Last Loose End in Negative Reaction (MD), Evidence to Stand Up in Court

Vol 6 No 4 (Fall 97) - By Dawn's Early Light, This Old Man's Sixth/Seventh Season Appearances, Semi-;Elusive Telephone Clue (John Stell) , episode guide, The Glitter Murder review (GC), news of TV Guide ranking

Vol 7 No 1 (Winter 98) Troubled Waters, Game Show Killer review (GC), Hey, big boy, gotta light? (Paul Phillips), When You're Wrong, You're Wrong (P1), New Mike Hammer episodes (PK}

Vol 7 No 2 (Spring 98) - Playback, technical issue in Playback, Detecting the Undetected (Connie Merchant), episode guide, news of Falk in Mr. Peters' Connec tions, news of Ashes to Ashes, list of third set of Columbia House videos of episodes

Vol 7 No 3 (Summer 98) - A Deadly State of Mind, fourth season wrap-up, reviews of Mr. Peters' Connections (GG; MD), Hoover Files review (GG), another solution to bag of gold puzzle (Ralph Caccomo) , letter to editor (James Sanchez)

Vol 7 No 4 (Fall 98) - Forgotten Lady (also GG, John Stell) , Fifth season intro, Sunsaine Boys (GG), Detection 101 for Columbo Fans (Connie Merchant)

Vol 8 No 1 (Winter 99) - A Case of Immunity, Ashes to Ashes review (also by GG), Columbo joke, memoriam for Roddy McDowall, Jeannette Nolan, Leo Penn

Key:PK-Paul Kurecka, MD-Maryann Desiano,GG-Grace Grant; unmarked articles by newsletter editor Sheldon P. Catz