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Missing pieces of a vital photograph lead Columbo down a trail of murder. Along the way the wily detective resorts to various disguises as he conducts a complicated underworld investigation,on MCA TV International's "COLUMBO" episode entitled "Columbo: Undercover." The teleplay was written by Gerry Day from the novel by Ed Mc Bain and directed by Vincent Mc Eveety.

Columbo discovers the remains of two men who have apparently killed each other, but his only major clue is a piece of a black and white photograph in the hand of one of the victims.

Back at the precinct, insurance investigator Irving Krutch comes to Columbo with a story. It seems that seven years ago, a bank was hit for $4 million, and the take was never found. But a certain photograph exists that shows where the money is hidden. Trouble is, the photograph was torn into eight pieces, and several different people have them -- Columbo now being among them.

Krutch needs Columbo's help in finding the people. Their names all appear on a list, but Krutch has only half of that list.

Columbo, disguised as a hood, goes along with Krutch to gain the confidence of Mo Weinberg, one of the listed people who, as expected, has a piece of the picture.

But Weinberg is soon murdered.

Columbo perseveres, varying his disguises as he comes into contact with one after another of the colorful suspects and owners of the pieces: as attractive art-gallery proprietress Geraldine Ferguson; Geraldine's haughty assistant, Bramley Kahn, who has the other half of the list; boozy frump Dorothea
McNally. But Columbo is getting a persistent feeling that Krutch, despite his airtight alibi, is at the bottom of the entire affair.

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