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Columbo's cases if they went to trial.
Sent to us by Nathan Sikes, Birmingham, AL

Imagine Columbo's cases went to court did you ever wonder how they would turn out?


Columbo Goes to the Guillotine"

California vs. Elliot Blake

Guilty -- Life

Murder, Smoke and Shadows"

California vs.Alex Bradey

Guilty -- 20 years

Sex and the Married Detective"

California vs. Joan Allenby

Not Guilty -- insufficient evidence

Grand Deceptions"

Who cares?

Case dismissed from lack of interest

Murder: A Self-Portrait"

California vs.Max Barsini

Guilty -- 20 years

Columbo Cries Wolf"

California vs.Sean Brantley

Guilty -- life

Agenda for Murder"

California vs.Oscar Finch

Plea Bargain -- 7 years

Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo"

California vs.Vivian Dimitri

Guilty -- 20 years


Uneasy Lies the Crown"

California vs.Wesley Corman

Guilty -- 20 years

Murder in Malibu"

California vs.Wayne Jennings

Guilty -- 20 years

Columbo Goes to College"

California vs. Justin Rowe

Never tried -- Defendant killed by his father

California vs. Cooper Redman

Guilty -- 2nd degree for aiding; 10 years

Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous to Your Health"

California vs.Wade Anders

Not guilty -- defended by Hugh Creighton

The Murder of a Rock Star"

California vs.Hugh Creighton

Not Guilty -- insufficient evidence (jury wasn’t

convinced, plus

Creighton was defended by good friend, Johnny Cochran)

Death Hits the Jackpot"

California vs. Leon Lamar

Guilty -- life

California vs. Nancy Brower

Guilty -- 20 years

A Bird in the Hand"

California vs.Dolores Smith

Not Guilty -- insufficient evidence

 It’s All in the Game"

California vs.Lauren Staton

Plea Bargain -- 5 years, chance of parole in two

Butterfly in Shades of Grey"

California vs. Fielding Chase

Guilty -- 20 years

Strange Bedfellows

California vs.Graham McVeigh

Never tried -- poor guy was "rubbed out" before trial,

if you follow...

A Trace of Murder"

California vs.Patrick Johnson

Guilty -- life

California vs.Kathleen Calvert

Guilty -- 10 years for aiding and abetting

Ashes to Ashes"

California vs. Eric Prince

Guilty -- 20 years